Welcome to Squarcle, your trusted partner in supply chain and operations excellence. We are a leading boutique consultancy dedicated to helping organizations unlock their full potential and achieve outstanding results. With a strong focus on digital innovation, data science, and collaborative problem-solving, we drive success by designing and executing tailored strategies that optimize supply chain efficiency, enhance operational performance, and fuel sustainable growth.

1. Application Development

2. Operational Excellence

3. Applied Data Science

4. Strategy & Transformation

Application Development

Squarcle has a track record of app development, using Agile and DevOps methodologies, and applying low code technology to rapid application development.

The creation of robust, intuitive, user-focused applications, where possible leveraging existing technology investment, to solve one or more business problems on a repeatable basis, and deliver enduring benefits to the users and the organisation.

Communication is at the heart of everything we do.  We collaborate with stakeholders and other SMEs to understand the business problem that needs to be solved, the user personas that will benefit from the solution, and the data and systems landscape both existing and envisioned.

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Application Development


Using MOD infrastructure and modern DevOps techniques we set ambitious requirements that digitised the UK MOD international distribution planning and execution processes.

Office Utilization App

We developed a greenfield MS Canvas PowerApp using agile methods and Azure DevOps in a compressed timeline. The application has led to an increased productivity of office workspace.

Operational Excellence

A broad and deep experience of operational excellence.

Our operational excellence experts drive performance through designing frictionless processes and effortless decision making. With our digital and data science team we enable and support project delivery through data, digital and technological tools to enhance project outcomes. Typically our operational excellence and data experts are embedded in project teams and collaborate with clients to bring data insights and decision making to life.

Where more complex technology solutions are required, the Supply Chain teams work with our Development teams to design, build and deploy solutions that digitise and automate processes.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Resilience

Businesses must navigate a range of complicated global complexities such as growing geopolitical tensions, increasing supply chain disruptions, soring inflation, and decelerating growth. Supply chain leaders are dealing with unprecedented global complexity. The impact of decision making is becoming more difficult to predict. Our supply chain resilience experts have experience of developing strategies that are proactive, resilient, competitive and practical.

Defence Equipment Support

Our client was operating an analogue process with dispersed and incoherent data sets. Using the Microsoft Power Platform, our supply chain and digital teams designed, developed and implemented an application that digitised the tasking process for boats under a certain size.


Applied Data Science

Our own Squarcleai platform alongside our Data Scientists, provide a range of intelligent simulation products and services.

We solve our clients business problems through the application of advanced techniques such as predictive analytics, discrete event simulation, modelling and machine learning.

Starting with a low level of complexity we assist our clients with maturing from descriptive, through to predictive and prescriptive analytics to unlock the value in their supply chain.

Our supply chain, digital and applied data science teams fuse together their expertise to drive our clients supply chain performance through automated processes and enhanced decision making.

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Applied Data Science Brought to Life

Cost to Serve Modelling

Increasing supply chain complexity and the need to control  operating costs has driven the requirement for businesses to understand their operating costs and codify the landed costs of goods to their customers.

Supply Chain Design

With Brexit and the uncertain geopolitical landscape our clients have an increased need for a supply chain that is designed to be effective, resilient and efficient. Our supply chain design team use cutting edge technology and data science techniques to optimise your supply chain.

Control Tower as as Service

At Squarcle we believe that supply chain performance is driven through good processes and good decisions. Processes that are digitally automated and decisions that are based on actionable data.

Strategy & Transformation

Defining and implementing a vision, strategy, operating model, governance, business case, and delivery road map for value realisation.

Our Strategy and Transformation team have decades of experience delivering high performance outcomes in high pressured environments.  We understand the competing needs of strategic, operational and tactical decision-making and the underlying business and digital processes required to support overall business performance.

We work with our clients to develop a vision and strategy to deliver transformation programmes that drive supply chain performance throughout the People, Process, Technology & Data layers of the operating model.

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Strategy & Transformation Projects

Defence Distribution

Working with senior Defence Support leaders, Squarcle developed a vision and strategy to modernise Defence’s international distribution organisation. A subsequent programme of activity was funded with the successful implementation of a fully digitised Operating Model.

Digital Strategy

During the delivery of a large business modernisation programme we worked with our client to assess the progress of the programme and develop interventions when considering the workforce, training and how that would affect policy and impact the business architecture.


Our Tools & Skills Explained

1Agile & DevOps Methods
DevOps is a culture, fostering collaboration amongst all participants involved in the development and maintenance of software. Agile can be described as a development methodology designed to maintain productivity and drive releases with the common reality of changing needs. (Source: Microsoft Azure)
2AI Platforms – R4 & Palantir
Palantir software helps organizations quickly implement solutions to their hardest problems. R4 is a risk assessment tool designed to help evaluate the potential for re-identification of records in datasets (including 'de-identified' datasets), so as to support decision making on what data can be shared in what context.
3Algorithm & Model Development
The ML model development involves data acquisition from multiple trusted sources, data processing to make suitable for building the model, choose algorithm to build the model, build model, compute performance metrics and choose best performing model. (Source: Kdnuggets)
4Application Infrastructure
Application infrastructure includes all of the computational and operational infrastructure and components that are necessary to manage the development, deployment, and management of enterprise applications. (Source: Sumologic)
5Coding and Testing
Code-based testing involves testing out each line of code of a program to identify bugs or errors during the software development process. Specific test cases are checked on the program to see if it performs the functions required. Moreover, code-based testing can be broken down into structural and static testing. (Source: Educative)
6Data Engineering – ETL / ELT
ELT (extract, load, transform) and ETL (extract, transform, load) are both data integration processes that move raw data from a source system to a target database, such as a data lake or data warehouse. These data sources can be in multiple, different repositories or in legacy systems that are then transferred using ELT or ETL to a target data location. (Source: IBM)
7Dashboard Design and Visualization
Dashboard design is the ability to compile and display crucial data/information into a single, viewable space. It follows UX design principles and data visualization best practices, and it is organized so users can navigate directly to various areas that require the most attention.
8Excel & PowerBI, Access
We use a variety of platforms to best meet clients’ requirements.
Frameworks are effectively "umbrella agreements” that sets out the terms – particularly relating to price, quality and quantity – under which individual contracts can be awarded throughout the period of the agreement (periods are set and advertised).​ From a public procurement perspective, a Framework is in effect a list of pre-qualified suppliers that can bid for work around a specific group of goods, services or works.​ Once a Supplier is accepted on a Framework Buyers can then award individual contracts throughout the lifetime of the Framework. ​
10Low / No Code
Low / No Code development using software such as Microsoft Power Platform, Oracle APEX or Pega Systems enables rapid application development of targeted solutions and can help the client leverage their technology investment through exploiting existing licences.
11Machine Learning
Machine Learning is a set of powerful techniques for training predictive models on historic core data sets, combined with additional contextual information (e.g. climate conditions at the time) to identify drivers of negative incidents such as equipment failures, and predict those incidents to enable preventative measures to be taken. More advanced models incorporate feedback loops to continuously improve the accuracy of future predictions based on the observed accuracy of previous predictions.
12Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing automates the retrieval of data from text sources such as Word or PDF documents, comment fields and human interaction through chatbots. This rich, contextual data set is analysed and key themes identified to drive data-evidenced decisions and actions.
13Requirements Gathering
We help you map and identify what is expected and required of the application by collecting your requirements.
14UI/UX & User Research
UX/UI research is a systematic study of a product's target audience to address their needs and goals through design. It is the search, testing, improvement, and implementation of practical solutions that will serve as business benefits. The research process includes information gathering, interviews, and so on(Source: Sendpulse)